Play free live blackjack

Free live blackjack, is there such a thing?  Well there is, it’s hard to find but it’s available and I’m going to explain why and how you should use it to give yourself a better chance of enjoying your online gaming experience.

Blackjack is a fairly straight forward game, but if you are new to playing it online, whether it’s at an online casino or a live casino it can be a bit daunting, especially if it’s your first time playing for real money.

I can remember planning my first trip to Las Vegas. I’d never been in a real casino before and had no clue how to play blackjack properly, so I did a bit of research and discovered that you could use strategies to help you play and also you could use free online blackjack games to help you practice and learn basic strategy properly. I’m glad I spent a bit of time doing this because I felt more confident when I sat down at my first table, I enjoyed it more and I ended up being one of the 3 % who visit Las Vegas that break even!

So my advice is to practice a bit before playing for real and I’m going to give you two ways you can do this.

  1. Free Online Blackjack Trainer

    A free  online Blackjack trainer from You can configure the game with the number of decks and other rules. The advice button with tell you what basic strategy advises. The trainer is a bit basic but more effective than just free play at an online casino.

  2. Free Live Blackjack

    Once you have mastered the basics you can move onto playing free live blackjack at a Live casino. There are not many out there and its taken me a while to find one that I trust, that is a good game and has a variety of side bets that you are likely to encounter.  Fairway Casino offers free live blackjack. There is no deposit needed, just register and click on free live blackjack and get playing. You will not be able to chat to the dealer until you have deposited, but everything else is the same as if you were playing for real money. The beauty of this live casino is that they have embedded basic strategy into their software, so you get hints on what to do. If you try to Hit when strategy says Stand it won’t let you. Another feature available is the ability to surrender your hand before it has been completed, and you’re advised on what it will pay if you do.

I’ve reviewed a number of other sites where you can play free live blackjack and you can find them in my Live Blackjack Reviews – free play.

You can also check out my live blackjack reviews once you have completed your familiarisation and training to find a trustworthy casino to play at. I’d recommend Bet Victor as you get 3 Live Casinos in one, so there is plenty of variety. Read my Bet Victor Live Blackjack review to see what I mean.